Lot 236: Large Box of Various Cameras with Lenses

Sold at Auction (See Dates)

Large box of various cameras with lenses plus light meters. List includes Yashica Minster 3, Makinson zoom slide duplicator, Minolta converter wide angle acw 100 in box, Chinon CE4 with lens XR rikenon 50mm ( needs slight clean ) Cm-4 Chinon? With Tokina ATX 28 – 85mm lens ( looks clear ), Prakticar super TL with pentacon auto ( needs clean ) Pentax MEF with Vivitar 28mm, Luxette S ( poor condition ), Fujica st605n with Fujinon 55mm lens, Zenit EM with helios 44mm, Rank mamiya with mamiya seikor 40mm, Pentax MV with vivitar 35 to 70mm, Pentax ME Super with Tokina 70 – 210mm, Pentax asahi spotmatic SP2: Light meters Weston master 3 x2 1 is missing its glass and the other its glass is loose, Weston master 5, vivitar 45 x2, Leningrad 4, zeiss ikon light flash 4 + minolata flash and kodisk lens hood 320 + also a photopia west German range finder with its case

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