House Clearance

Often an item that is thought to be of little value can turn out to be the opposite. Please do not dispose of anything before our auctioneer has visited. You may be downsizing, clearing an entire property or having a change in style, whatever your needs, we will provide you with the relevant information, allowing you to make an informed decision on how to proceed.

Whether you are a private individual, or a solicitor acting for a client, we will arrange a free initial appointment by an auctioneer or valuer to attend the property, assess the contents and provide expert advice as to their likely value, and therefore the best route forward for you.

Our in house team handles your items carefully throughout the process. Typically, higher valuer items are packaged and removed first, followed by lesser and lesser items until complete. Depending on the level of clearance, some items may not be suitable for auction, and we can also assist with waste disposal.

Clearing a property or downsizing, can be a daunting task. Often items are seen as clutter and can be removed in haste. However, we can group items together that whilst on their own may be difficult to sell, will go together to make an attractive lot.

Unsold lots and items will generally go to the general auction downstairs. Should they not sell from that point, instead of collection arrangements (unless requested), we will dispose of items by best means possible, which may include donations to other companies and individuals.

Steps to a hassle-free house clearance:

• A free initial appointment by an auctioneer/valuer to advise you of the best way forward
• The removal and transportation of saleable goods to our offices for valuation and cataloguing by our auctioneers/valuers
• The removal and donation of items with less value to charity (for a full house clearance)
• The removal of unsaleable items to appropriate waste disposal sites.
• Cleaning of the property (if requested)